There are now over 120 PythonX systems installed around the world and on every continent (except Antartica). They are producing structural sections for commercial structures, pre-eng metal buildings, power plants, refineries, and all kinds of industrial facilities. They are working for large multi-nationals and for small 10 person shops, bringing greater productivity to each.

Seven years after it was first introduced, there are now several imitators, but no real rivals to PythonX. Its standard design assures reliable operation and allows us to produce the machines in a 'flow fashion' so that we always have machines close to completion for delivery. That's why we offer a 5 week leadtime, whereas our competitors deliveries are measured in months.

             PythonX plasma cutting for structural steel beam coping

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One big reason PythonX is so productive is its ability to read
part detailing files and use them
to determine an optimum cutting sequence for all the features to be made - even complex copes.

The operator simply loads the .dstv format file into the PythonX Versafab control program. A schematic of the finished piece is displayed showing the cut features. The operator starts the machine and all features are cut based on calculations PythonX makes from a drawing file. There's no more measuring, no marking and NO MISTAKES !

These are the leading detailing programs that PythonX accepts .dstv files from:

Tekla (formerly XSTEEL)

Tekla Structures is a steel detailing package that allows users to create detailed 3D models of any steel material and then generate corresponding fabrication and erection information.

SDS/2 Detailing System

SDS/2 has capability to design connections using its 3D model with options for beams, columns and bracing. The user inputs material, edge distance, cope criteria and other specifications, and SDS/2 will generate connection details.

Other Detailing  Software Compatible with PythonX

Don't Take Our Word For It . . . Listen to What PythonX Users Have to Say

Structural steel fabricators were the source of ideas and new concepts that are the foundation of PythonX technology. Once the earliest PythonX machines were operating in fabrication shops, the technology was further refined based on the feedback of those fabricators. That cycle of advancement continues, benefiting the purchasers of new PythonX systems, as well as owners of existing machines through upgrades and retrofits.

The proof of PythonX performance is found in the words of its users, a sampling of which is provided below . . .

beam processing
Beam Coping and Processing   "We've increased our overall production by 100% since we got PythonX.
  Now we do double the work with the same number of employees and
  the same floorspace "
                 Structural Steel Fabricator from California
steel beam coping machineenlarge photo   "Don't bother to compare PythonX to traditional beam drill lines. That's
  an apples and oranges thing. The PythonX does so much more than
  beam lines are capable of that it's not even in the same class."
                  Structural Steel Fabricator from Ontario
Coped Beamenlarge photo   "PythonX is fantastic! I load the beam on the infeed conveyor, and press
  the start button - I don't even watch what happens in there - and out
  comes a finished beam that can be sent right over to fitting or painting."
                  Structural Steel Fabricator from Ontario
VersaFAB Trainingenlarge photo   "Thank you for developing this machine – I don't know why everyone
  doesn't have one. It gives me a big advantage in bidding new work and
  it has changed how I run my business "
                 Structural Steel Fabricator from California
New PythonX is a beam coper and beam drill line in oneenlarge photo   "So you just click 'File/Open', choose the drawing file of the piece you
  want to fabricate and that's it? The machine is programmed ? That can't
  be it . . . that's so simple!"
                  Structural Steel Fabricator from Western Canada
PythonX coping a structural beamenlarge photo   "We found out that some of our competitors don't bother bidding on jobs
  if we are on the bidder's list because they know we have the PythonX . . .
  they feel that bidding on the job will just be a waste of time."
           Structural Steel Fabricator from Ontario

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