Calling PythonX a robotic plasma coping machine is telling only half the story. It also 'drills' AISC-approved bolt holes, cuts slots, notches and coutouts, bevels, miters, scribes and makes layout marks. In fact, it performs the functions of up to six different steel processing machines you might find in traditional structural fabrication shop.

Think of all the floorspace savings that creates. Not only does PythonX eliminate the space taken up by these other machines, it eliminates the network of conveyors and cross transfers needed to shuttle steel pieces between the various machines. That lets you produce more output using much less floorspace.

             PythonX plasma cutting for structural steel beam coping

                    OUT OF

PythonX Performs . . .

Beam Processing
Does a beam drill line cope,
notch, make piece marks or
bevel cut? No, these are done
on other machines. PythonX completely processes beams, including splitting beams.

HSS Processing
From small to massive HSS, PythonX makes knife cuts, any penetration cut, bevel cuts and,
of course, cut offs.

Bar & Plate Burning
Any hole, cut or feature made
on a plate buring table can be
made by PythonX. But plasma cutting is cleaner and more precise than oxy fuel burning.

Channel Fabrication
Is a channel much different
than beam? Not really. So any
cut or feature PythonX makes
on beams it makes on channel. And that's any cut or feature
you'll need, including complex copes.

Angle Fabrication
A dedicated machine for angle might run a few hours a week.
Is that a good investment? Let PythonX process all your angle
in its 'spare time'.


PythonX copes and processes 95% of the material a fabrication shop ever needs

PythonX routinely produces parts that are within 1/32"
(0.8 mm) tolerance over the length of the part. Actual
part tolerance is often tighter, as positional repeatability
of the cutting robot is 12 times more precise at 0.0026"
(0.07 mm).

Specifications for Materials PythonX Processes

Compared to conventional single-purpose machines, PythonX copes and fabricates a much wider variety of structural sections in a variety of sizes. From small 3"x3" angle to large W36 x 300 beams, PythonX automatically processes 95+% of the material a typical fabrication shop is called on to process .

That means PythonX saves floorspace by eliminating the need for other machines, especially lower utilization machines like angle lines, or a dedicated space for beam coping using a hand-held torch. To get an idea of the possible floorspace savings, visit the floorspace comparison page.

Structural Piece
  Beam Width
4 inches
48 inches
standard is 36 inches
  Beam Height
4 inches
17 inches
  Channel Width
3 inches
36 inches
  Channel Height
1.25 inch
4 inches
  Bar/Plate Width
4 inches
36 inches
support inserts needed
  Bar/Plate Thickness
0.25 inch
1.25 inch
  HSS Tube
2" x 2"
smaller angle may need support inserts
Piece Length
40 feet is standard. Increase to 80 feet using sections of 4 feet at a time.
Steel Thickness
Pierce up to 1.25 inch
Edge Start up to 2 inch

PythonX can pierce (holes, slots, etc.) up to 1.25" thick material and can edge
start cut (cope, cut to length, notch, etc.) material up to 2" thick.

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