Structural steel beam coping has moved into a completely new era. It's not just an evolution from hand-held coping torches to oxy-fuel 'coping robots" either. The PythonX robotic plasma cutting system for coping construction steel products jumps several steps ahead of the Ocean Liberator, AMTEK Cobra-HP, Voortman V806M,  the Ficep or Daito coping robots or Controlled Automation's Revolution Beam Coper.

PythonX uses high-definition Hypertherm plasma cutting for faster, cleaner cutting with much less spatter or dross. It develops its own cutting sequence from dstv files from Tekla, StruCAD, SDS/2 detailing programs so the operator never needs to program the cuts. Plus, it's much more than a beam coping machine. PythonX is a true 'all-in-one' fabrication system replacing beam drill lines, bandsaws, anglemaster, plate burning tables, marking machines. It may be the only steel processing machine you'll need.

             PythonX plasma cutting for structural steel beam coping

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Structural Steel Fabricating

Producers of structural steel fabrication machines long took pride in a 'full line' of machines – one for every function. That's now being rethought in favor of fewer machines that perform many more functions.

Plasma Cutting Structural

OK, plasma cutting once meant  plate cutting and little else. Now fabricators plasma cut beams, channel, angle, HSS ... and, of course, bar and plate.

Beam Drill Line Productivity
Traditional beam drill lines are great if you have to drill a lot of bolt holes and do little else. If
you also need to cope, notch, scribe and bevel cut, just how much does a beam drill line help your overall productivity?

Detailing of Structural Steel:
Tekla, StruCAD, SDS/2, etc.

Contemporary detailing software for structures offers numerous benefits in loading/dynamic analysis, engineer productivity,
etc. Now it can make structural steel fabrication more productive too. Much more productive.

Structural Steel Materials
The shapes are standard, but
the sizes vary considerably.
It's the connections and the 'aesthetically creative' uses of structural steel that create real challenges for the fabricator.

beam coping of structural steel is now fully automated  

Structural Steel Beam Coping That's Fast and Accurate With No Need for Prep/Layout

Meet  PythonX, the CNC plasma cutting beam coping machine that takes the prep, labor, time and errors out of coping structural steel beams.

No more reading drawings, measuring and chalk-sketching the cope onto a raw
I-beam. No more handheld torch cutting and then grinding the cope for a clean edge. With PythonX, you load the beam's dstv file (from Tekla, StruCAD, SDS/2 or other detailing software) into the machine's PC control, load the steel beam onto the entry conveyor, press "START" and PythonX does the rest. Time? Two minutes at most. (See the video clip above).

The Genius of PythonX is its proprietary software which converts part drawings into cutting sequence instructions. These instructions control a high performance industrial robot - one built for extended duty in harsh environments. The CNC robot arm positions a high-definition Hypertherm plasma cutting torch with pinpoint accuracy. This combination accomplishes completely automated coping of structural steel beams, channels and HSS.

A PythonX cope is not just accurate, it's clean. The stable, narrow kerf plasma arc means the finished cut is just that – finished. No need for grinding or clean up.

What Machines Does
PythonX Replace ?
  • Hand Held Coping Torch
  • Beam Drill Line
  • Angle Line
  • Bandsaw
  • Marking Machine
  • Plate Burning Center

The Automated Beam Coping Machine That Does Much More Than Beam Coping

The Power of PythonX is what makes it such a great beam coping machine also makes it a great replacement for the beam drill line, bandsaw, angle line, and on and on. In fact, PythonX can perform virtually all the cutting and drilling operations a structural steel fabrication shop needs.

PythonX brings 'lean manufacturing' principles to structural steel fabrication. First, it can perform all the needed cuts – AISC-approved bolt holes, slots, notches, weld-prep bevel cuts, copes, cut-offs, miters, even piece marks and layout marks.  With PythonX, these are all made in one pass, so the material handling (labor, space and wait time) that was always involved with moving an H-beam from machine to machine is eliminated.

And all the traditional fabricating machines are eliminated, so valuable floorspace is saved with PythonX. It saves time too.  With very fast cutting speeds and elimination of costly mistakes and subsequent rework, PythonX is a very high utilization machine.
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structural steel beam coping machine

Steel Beam Coping No Longer a Fabrication Bottleneck

Flow of material in a structural steel fabrication shop is important to profitability. Manual beam coping has frequently been the bottleneck that costs money.  It takes longer than other operations. It's more prone to errors. Fewer employees can do it dependably and
well. Despite this, smaller shops have a hard time justifying the expense of a beam
coping "robot" machine. 

PythonX changes all that.  To PythonX, a cope is no more difficult or time-consuming to make than a few bolt holes And it makes material flow incredibly easy  -  raw I-beam
feeds in . . . finished fabricated beam comes out and goes to painting, welding or final fitup. What could be easier?

Not only does PythonX eliminate material handling and queue time, it attacks another pervasive problem structural steel fabricators face today – lack of skilled labor. With PythonX, the operator doesn't need to know how to interpret detail drawings, how to program a CNC machine tool . . . even how to use a cutting torch! It takes only a couple of days of training to make an unskilled shop employee proficient at operating a PythonX.

That's what we mean when we say PythonX "Squeezes The Cost Out of Structural Fabrication."  It squeezes out labor cost. It squeezes out floorspace requirements. Those two factors alone allow you to expand capacity without one additional hire or one extra square foot of shop space.

Today, the many users of PythonX wonder how they ever managed without it. Find out what they already know. Contact Burlington Automation to get a free DVD showing PythonX full capability or to schedule a live demo.

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